In Safe Hands Toolkit

  • Do you want to find out how to meet your ‘duty of care’ obligations to your volunteers?  In Safe Hands Toolkit
  • Is managing safety an area you find confusing and difficult?

If you answered ‘YES’ to either of these questions then the In Safe Hands Toolkit is for you.

Community organisations (e.g. Landcare) throughout Australia make a significant contribution to the health and restoration of the natural environment.  The volunteers within these organisations require appropriate management with respect to safety on activities.  Simply hoping everything will be OK and that people will use their ‘common sense’ is not enough.  Community groups need to have systems and process in place to provide a ‘duty of care’.  The In Safe Hands Toolkit is a package that is user friendly and provides resources for community groups to provide the ‘duty of care’ that is required.

The In Safe Hands Toolkit has been developed by Conservation Volunteers Australia with a 30 year background in managing volunteers in practical conservation activity.

The Australian Government – Department of Agriculture has supported Conservation Volunteers Australia in producing the In Safe Hands Toolkit Program in 2013 and 2014.

What’s New?

3rd Edition of the In Safe Hands Toolkit document – revised and updated
  • New Safety Policies
  • New OHS Guidance notes
  • New Safety Prompts
  • New document templates

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