Conservation Skills Centre is committed to training people and organisations to be stronger in individual capacity and collectively in communities.

Conservation Skills Centre trains in conservation skills and knowledge and community capacity building


Conservation Skills Centre trains both in accredited and non-accredited courses.

Accredited courses include

  • Conservation and Land Management Training Package
  • Certificates in Active Volunteering
  • OHS training

Non-accredited courses include

  • Community capacity building
  • Safety management
  • Volunteer recruitment and retention
  • Project management
  • Change Management
  • Team development and management
  • Leadership skills

Conservation Skills Centre is a division of Conservation Volunteers Australia and operates from locations across Australia including capital and regional cities. Trainers from Conservation Skills Centre frequently travel to locations throughout Australia to bring training to groups and organisations.  Contact Conservation Skills Centre if your group or organisation has a training need.


Conservation Skills Centre is a Registered Traing Organisation (RTO ID 4624), previously known as the Conservation Volunteers Australia training department.

Since the year 2000 the RTO has provided training to more than 20,000 students in accredited and non-accredited courses such as:

  • Youth Development Programs e.g. Green Corps and National Green Jobs Corps
  • Community Capacity Building – e.g. Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
  • Safety Management in Community Groups – e.g. In Safe Hands Toolkit
  • Leadership – e.g. Frontline Management

Conservation Skills Centre is available to discuss customized courses to meet organisation’s needs.